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Fishing report 

Conditions, catches, and recent trout plants

Welcome to Ebbetts Pass Sporting Goods report on fishing and what's working at all your favorite spots along the Highway 4 corridor.

Monday July 20, 2020

As everyone knows our country has been hit by one the worst disasters in history, the Corona Virus, 

COVID-19. Not only did we lose friends and loved ones but countless people across the globe. As many of you know Ebbetts Pass Sporting Goods was shut down for approximately nine weeks. Now we are back. We will be opening our store on Friday May 15th. But business will not be the same. We have put in place certain protocols that we have to maintain or we could face a lock down again. Thanks to all our wonderful customers who have supported us through this difficult time. We are very humble will never forget. No words to really explain how we feel. With that being said let's get on with FISHING.




 SPICER has been tougher this past week as warmer weather came in and the trout moved down in the water column. Start early The campgrounds are now open and ready for camping. Beware there are quite a few people looking to camp so make your plans accordingly. 

Lake Alpine has been planted quite a lot lately and fishing has been excellent. The Lake Alpine campgrounds are now open for business as well as the lodge and store. You must make reservations for camping through CDF website. There is no first come first serve this year.

The one bright spot for this upcoming season is the Department Of Fish And Wildlife have started planting fish at White Pines Lake and The North Fork Of The Stanislaus at Sourgrass . The CDFW also let me know we will getting more fish than we have in a very long time. I guess the squeaky wheel does get some grease. These plants will include The Stanislaus, White Pines Lake. Lake Alpine. Mosquito Lakes, and Spicer Reservoir. At Spicer they will planting some large loads of fingerlings along with catch able size Brown Trout. Spicer Reservoir will be an amazing fishery in the years to come.

Big Trees Park has opened Memorial Parkway, which is main road to The North Fork Of The Stanislaus , Beaver Creek and The South Grove. Fishing has been excellent due to recent trout plants. Please make your camping arrangements early as the campgrounds quickly fill up.

Stop by Ebbetts Pass Sporting Goods for all of your outdoor and fishing needs. Let Ebbetts Pass Sporting Goods be your one stop shop for everything from camping, freshwater fishing, and fly fishing. We carry a broad line of fly fishing products including rods, reels, and waders from Redington, St. Croix rods, extensive fly assortment, and everything you need for your trout fishing experience. We now carry Fishpond, Umpqua, Outcast Boats, and Buff UV multi-functional head wear for protection against damage from extended sun exposure. We also stock a wide range of Footwear, including our new footwear, Cobian Footwear and Northside. We also stock Suncloud Polarized Sunglasses, along with a wide array of various brand sunglasses. Check out our huge selection of Berkley Power Bait and a wide selection of trout and bass lures for example Panther Martin spinners, Kastmasters, Yamamoto Senko, Daiwa Baits, River2Sea Whopper Ploppers and S Waver, Zoom, Lunkerhunt, and Zoom Baits. We carry Daiwa rods and reels, and St. Croix rods along with other major brands.

For more local information go to our front page and click on the Fishing Resources. Then click on the Take Me Fishing tab. Then click on the map and in the address tab type in 925 Hwy 4 Arnold CA 95223. The map will show White Pines Lake. From here you can move the map up the Highway to all fishing locations. For rigging information and knots click on the fishing tab and under the learn tab go to to the learn to fish and click on that tab. This will show various ways to tie knots and how to set up rigs for any kind of fishing. Click on the tab, How To Fly Fish section. There is great deal of information on this page with instruction included with video. Feel free to contact us any time.

Every fishing water has its secrets. A river or a lake is not a dead thing. It has beauty and wisdom and content. And to yield up these mysteries, it must be fished with more than hooks.

By: Zane Grey

WHITE PINES:   Planted this past week. Bait casters should try using Berkley Power Eggs, Berkley Power Bait, and Berkley Mice Tails on a sliding sinker rig. You can also float a night crawler using a Power Egg, Atlas marshmallow or just inflate the night crawler with a worm blower. Fly fishermen should try sparrow nymphs, ants, bead head woolly buggers, Blue Wing Olive, Adams, and bead head nymphs. Lure fishermen should try Kastmasters, Panther Martin's, Rooster Tails, Mepps, Super Duper's, and Jakes Lures. Bluegill fishing can be an exciting and fun way to start your kids fishing. Ebbetts Pass Sporting Goods can help get you started.

LAKE ALPINE:   Lake Alpine has been planted numerous times recently. Bait casters should try using Berkley Garlic Scented Power Bait and Garlic Scented Power Eggs, Berkley Mice Tails, and try floating a night crawler using a sliding sinker rig. Lure casters should try Kastmasters, Jake's Spin A Lure, Panther Martin spinners, Mepps, and Rooster Tails. Fly fishermen should try using sparrow nymphs, bead head woolly buggers, stone fly nymphs, ants, and bead head nymphs.

SPICER RES: Trollers should try using wedding rings, needlefish, Apex Lures, and Speedy Shiners behind your favorite dodger or trolling blades tipped with a nightcrawler. Try using scent on you lures to enhance your trolling experience. Lure casters should try the NEW Panther Martin Dual Flash Spinners( HOT LURE! ), Kastmasters and even a fly with a bubble. Stop by the store to learn how to rig the fly. Fly casters should try sparrow nymphs, woolly buggers, ants, gnats, mosquitos, adams, and blue wing olive.

NORTH FORK OF THE STANISLAUS:    Lure fishermen should try Panther Martin Spinners, including the NEW Panther Martin Dual Flash spinners, Rapala's, Rooster Tails, Kastmasters, and Mepps. Bait fishermen should try Salmon Eggs, night crawlers, and Garlic Power Bait Eggs using a split shot rig. Fly fishermen should try sparrow nymphs, ants,woolly buggers, adams, caddis, and bead head nymphs. 

BEAVER CREEK: Bait casters should try salmon eggs, Berkley Power Bait, Berkley Power Eggs, Berkley Mice Tails, and nightcrawlers using a split shot rig.Lure casters should try Panther Martin spinners, Rooster Tails, and Mepps.Fly fishermen should try woolly buggers, sparrow nymphs, parachute adams, blue wing olive, pale morning dun, royal wulff, caddis, and gnats.  

UNION RESERVOIR: Just opened this past weekend for camping and fishing.

MOSQUITO LAKES: Open for fishing

HIGHLAND LAKES: Now open for camping and fishing


Kinney Reservoir: Has been planted and fishing has been great

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